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You have no greater leverage than the truth.
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James Sterling | Interpol | Worldwide

Archenemy- that was and will ever be Sterling’s role according to the team. But Sterling rather likes to think that he’s just a friendly adversary. The team will always be criminals, and it is his job to catch criminals. Special Interpol art theft/forgery detail, to be exact, he did create this department. Sterling doesn’t think that he owes the team anything, since they always escape. They are trouble, and he hates trouble. If the team stops being trouble, then maybe Sterling will let them go. But that doesn’t seem to be going his way any time soon, so he might as well keep bothering them until they slip up and fall right into his palm. It’s not that Sterling is selfish; he just likes to protect his own interests.

Abilities/Strengths: Cunning, resourceful, creative

Face Claim: Mark A. Sheppard


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