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You have no greater leverage than the truth.
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Team Assignments

All right guys we really need to get moving on the team assignments. I know that part of what’s been slowing things down is people being added to teams and then leaving and I apologize for that as its my fault, but both the Boston and New Orleans teams need to get together and figure out what to do with their group assignments otherwise I’m going to be pulling the assignments all together. 


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In case anyone hasn’t followed her yet.

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July has officially been moved to the Boston team.

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Parker | Alias: Alice White, FBI Special Agent Hagen | Home Base-Thief/Mastermind | Miami, FA

An expert thief, cat-burglar, pickpocket and safe-cracker. The product of an abusive childhood spent in several foster homes, Parker is socially awkward and relates poorly to most people but has come to regard the other members of the team as her family. Sophie, and at one point Eliot, has attempted to improve gaps in her social skills on numerous occasions with limited success. Parker also has affection for Hardison, but finds it hard to convey what she feels when confronted by others. While emotionally impulsive, she can demonstrate great physical self-control in her work using acrobatics, strength and concentration to her advantage. Her obsessive focus on theft is to the point that her safe house is filled with gear and rappelling equipment to help her in various jobs, and during one con, she was put through a rehab to address it. Parker was trained at a young age by expert thief, Archie Leach, who found her proficient with the physical demands of burglary as well as safe-cracking and lock-picking, skills she uses in many of the cons. She’s proven that she can handle problems on her own while the other team members are away.

Now with Parker following in Nate’s footsteps as Mastermind she, along with Hardison and Eliot, is running Leverage Inc. main base of operations, continuing what Nate first started: Picking up where the law leaves off.

Abilities/Strengths: Security circumvention, Infiltration and alter, Pickpocketing, Can speak Spanish and has a slight photographic memory.

Face Claim: Beth Riesgraf

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Luke Miles | Ally/Hacker | New Orleans, LA

Luke Miles grew up in a middle-class family in Boston as the only child of two loving, but demanding parents. Due to complications during pregnancy and birth, his mother wasn’t able to get any more children after Luke, and so all eyes were set on him. His parents set money aside for him to go to university ever since he was four. They had very high expectations of their only child.

In elementary school, everything seemed to be going well. Luke was a clever kid, able to make connections and patterns more easily than most of his peers. Around the time he reached high school his parents started to expect too much of him. When he wasn’t able to ace all his classes, Luke gave up altogether and dropped out of school.

Through an ICT course he took at one point. Luke already knew quite a lot about computers, and he decided to expand his knowledge in the crappy flat he was renting and started hacking to make money. He never meant to be a criminal, but his priorities were living a decent life of his own first.

He gained a reputation as a hacker under his alias, but still wanted to do something good in the world. He made small gestures, like giving money to a family that needed it, making sure that people had people he met had money to pay for medical bills. When he met the hitter Bennet, she annoyed him at first, but when he looked her up, realized that she was just a broken soul and decided to help her, whether she wanted to be helped or not.

During their trip to Amsterdam, he witnessed Bennet get shot and arranged her funeral. When he found out that the hitter wasn’t dead and hadn’t contacted him either, he decided to let it go, already having gone through the grieving process. Finding out that Leverage inc. needed people, he signed up, finally having found a place where he could do what he was good at and help people at the same time, not realizing that the person he previously worked with had signed up too.

Luke is quirky, a real nerd and very passionate about making the world a better place, being nice and Star Wars. Though he has overall a pretty ‘happy’ character, he can’t hold his temper in front of people who have done something seriously wrong in his eyes, especially in the form of child abuse or neglect.

NOTE: Any further specifications about working together with Bennet should be discussed by the players of both characters.

Abilities/Strengths: Excellent hacker, smooth talker, able to keep a humorous tone to every situation, creative, resourceful, reliable.

Face Claim: Jeremy Renner

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Luke and Parker accepted!

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Applications for Parker and Luke received!

Going over them now Sharper and Kayleigh!

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Lizzie | Ally | New York

Lizzie belonged to a nomad Gipsy clan that made a living out of trading in the tows they passed by. She was the youngest of seven siblings and, despite her young age, Lizzie already was a strong personality with no respect for authority figures that talked back.

That caused her to be constantly punished and hit by her father and it also was what linked her to Damien Moreau that recognized himself in her.

He was five years older, but they soon discovered they shared the same dreams of fleeing away and becoming something more than the “Romani scum” people outside the clan called them. Yet, if for Lizzie that was just a dream, for Damien it was his biggest desire, he didn’t just want to run away, he wanted power and money because if he did so, no one would touch him ever again. He wanted revenge.

When he was thirteen this opportunity came along, his father beat him so hard for talking back during an argument he promised himself he’d never come back home and Lizzie helped him out. She stole money from her father and gave it to Damien so he could catch a train away from there. When her father found out he hit her so hard the girl couldn’t walk or seat straight for three weeks, but it was okay because Damien promised he’d come back for her and even though she believed he had forgotten her at some point, he lived up to his promise.

Ten years after he had left, when she was eighteen and was about to enter an arranged marriage he came back with armed men and a chopper and took her out of there.

She became Damien’s head of security and all of her years working for him won her the respect and loyalty (and fear) of most of his guards as well as the reputation of being insane. Although she remained loyal to Damien until the end, her opinion of him had completely changed when he died and even more after his death. Still,  she made it her life mission to look out for his daughter and make sure she wouldn’t end up as he did. Alicia and her ended up being the closest thing each had as a family.

Abilities/Strenghts; She can find anything and everyone as long as she wants to; she has a similar ability when it comes to making problems disappear. She’s almost never upset and usually laughs her problems away, but when she finally gets angry though, she is very dangerous and cannot respond for herself.

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